March 22, 2020

LOWER TOWNSHIP —​ With no fanfare, and no audience due to the restrictions  caused by the coronavirus, Democratic mayoral candidate Christopher South filed  his petitions, March 20, at Lower Township Hall for the primary election. 


South filed his petitions in the drop box located near the front door due to  Township Hall being closed to the public. For the time being, citizens are expected  to leave payments or other documents in the after hours drop box.  


“It takes away from some of the tradition of filing petitions for public office, but you  have to respect the actions being taken by some local governments to reduce the  chance of spreading a virus that has claimed the lives of over 10,000 people,  worldwide,” South said.   


With even stricter controls possible in the near future, South decided to get ahead  of tighter restrictions and file the necessary petitions for the Democratic primary.  


“The decision was made to act now rather than wait until the end of the month  because no one knows how a shutdown will affect local campaigns,” South said. 

“Our nation is facing a huge crisis with COVID-19, and regardless of our political  affiliations, we all hope and pray for the United States to get a handle on the  pandemic in order to protect the lives of all Americans.”  


South, who spent nearly two decades as a news reporter covering Lower Township  government and school events, decided to run primarily to give voters a choice in  the 2020 election. Lower Township currently has a mayor, deputy mayor, and Ward  2 councilman — all appointed by the same political party. 


“When people step into the voting booth in November they at least deserve to have  a choice of who they would like to be mayor. I will provide them with a choice at getting a new voice in Lower Township government,” South said. 

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March 3, 2020

Lower Township resident Christopher South is announcing his intention to run as the Democratic candidate for Mayor of Lower Township in the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election.

South is currently a resident of North Cape May, having also lived in Villas and Lower Township south of the canal. Even while residing in the Cape Mays, he was closely connected to Lower Township as a beat reporter for the Cape May Star and Wave and later the Cape May Gazette. He spent nearly two decades covering local governments, more than half of that covering news from Lower Township Hall.

Now, South would like to take the experience he gained in front of the council dais and put it to use for Lower Township residents, who have long been shut out of local politics by a de facto one party system.

“I have watched and listened as government was being made in Lower

Township, as well as other local communities. I have a good grasp of how

municipal governments operate, so I am ahead of the curve in terms of

knowing how to function as an elected official,” South said.


“Municipal government is about providing affordable services to its residents, who want a safe, clean community to live in, raise children, or perhaps as a place to retire. Being an elected official is a trust placed on you by members of the community to provide those basic requirements.”


“What prompted me to step up and offer my candidacy to the Democratic

Party is simply this: the Republican Party is a well-oiled, finely tuned machine having nearly absolute power in Cape May County. The machine maintains its hold on the county and Lower Township by handing out jobs and contracts, paid for with your tax dollars, while not affording you the opportunity to be represented fairly,” South said.

As one who spent a career listening and making note of what others had to say, South will listen to, and take note of, the concerns voiced by the residents of Lower Township. As a Democratic candidate, South is an outsider who is not beholden to a political machine that dictates who gets to participate in local government.

“Essentially, I am running to offer the voters of Lower Township a different choice, a new choice, and a new voice in their community,” South said.



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